About Jon



With a combination of modern folk and rock, Jon Satov brings along a modern twist that is unique yet maintains the integrity of the genres. With over three years of live experience with over 100 shows played, and more than five years in recording, Jon maintains integrity in both his art and his professionalism; On and off stage. Having just released a demo, Jon will be releasing an album in mid 2019. Growing up outside of the city has taught him to embrace the quiet and serenity of the North and incorporate these qualities into his music, bringing a natural ambience and space to his folk rock roots.

With lyrics diving into the human spirit, emotion, and our fragility, Jon’s music focuses on the more melancholic notes of human existence while also shedding light to human endurance in times of deep sorrow. Musically, He pay’s homage to the importance of acoustic guitars in folk and the electric guitars in rock music of the 60’s and 70’s. He brings in modernity with contemporary instrumentation such as, synthesizers, samples, electric guitar, drums, and ambient effects.